Cool Party Venues

With the right music, you can have a party anywhere and people will have a blast. Allen has performed at a convenience store, on a flatbed trailer as it is towed through downtown (not part of a parade, although he’s done that, too), a grocery store, a burger joint shaped like a root beer barrel, the shoe department at Nordstrom, and in his own driveway. Recognizing that those might not be the right venue for your next event, he offers these suggestions for more conventional, but still fun, party sites. 



3700 Main Street

Houston’s premier live music venue
is available for private parties. Ideal
for a pure dance party of 300 folks,
seated dinner for 100 and even more
if you want to party out back! Call
Pete Gordon at 713-529-9899 or
email for
more information.

3712 Main St

Invite the gang and enjoy an evening
of cocktails, circus games, and live
music at the Continental Club’s sister
bar. Ideal for lively parties with
less than 100 people. Shoeshine
Charlie’s Big Top Lounge doesn’t
have a phone, a pool, or pets but
you can contact Pete Gordon at
713-529-9899 or email for more

315 Travis St

A beautiful, great sounding room
with plenty of room to dance,
stocked with outstanding cuisine
and a super friendly staff, Treebeards’
second floor party room is
ideal for a party of 100 to 150
guests. For more information call
713-228-8228, email, visit, or head to
Market Square during lunch for red
beans and rice before you head up
to the second floor to see one of the
coolest party rooms in town.