Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay more for a band if I use a booking agent?
No, you pay the same amount whether you book a band directly or through a book agent. You’ll also save time and avoid confusion by working with a booking agent. Not only can Allen offer you more choices that are a great fit for your party, he’s also more responsive to your questions than most bands. Additionally, because he works regularly with the bands he presents, Allen has built great working relationships that help create successful parties for the hosts as well as the bands.

How do you get paid?
Allen Hill Entertainment collects a commission from bands in exchange for services rendered to the band and the party host. The prices quoted include this commission.

Do you book DJs, clowns, magicians, comedians or other entertainers?
No, Allen focuses exclusively on gifted musicians who relish the opportunity to create joy by performing exciting music.

What’s the advantage of working with Allen Hill over a bigger agency in Houston?
Allen’s goal is to specialize and offer you a highly personalized level of service. As a sole proprietor, he focuses his attention on the details while you avoid the confusion of being handed off to others at larger booking agencies.

How does Allen decide which bands to represent?
As a booking agent and entertainer focused on fun, Allen only presents bands that meet his high standards for both musicianship and professionalism. Some bands that may be very entertaining on stage lack professionalism and people skills. Allen has chosen not to work with any band that does not have his complete confidence on and off stage. Parties are fun, and the best performers have great attitudes and contagious smiles.

I saw one of the bands you represent at a club show and they were pretty wild and loud.
Will they be this loud and wild at my party?

All of the bands Allen works with understand the difference between your party and their concert. When you see a band in a bar, they are more often than not the center of attention and will play whatever they want to entertain the audience and achieve the club owner’s goals. When you hire them to perform for your party, they know that their job is to make your party a success.

Do I have any input on the band’s set list at my party?
You bet. Feel free to let Allen know your preferences for the band’s overall selections, such as, “I love 80s music but don’t want to hear any rap.” You’re also welcome to pick five to ten specific songs from their current song lists to perform at key moments during the party. Picking more than a handful of songs limits your ability to benefit from the band’s experience reading audiences and performing songs that keep them on the dance floor.

Many of the bands on your website perform hundreds of song. How many will they play at my party?
Bands have vast repertoires so that they are prepared for just about any audience. During a four-hour party, bands will play about 40 to 50 songs.

Can we use the band’s microphone to make announcements?
In most circumstances, yes, you can. However, if you plan on having speeches that are more than a minute or two long, or running an auction or showing a video, it makes better sense to hire a sound company to make sure your audience hears your key messages.

Do the bands provide break music?
Yes, and all of the bands Allen works with are also happy to let you provide break music if you have special requests. If you want to bring your iPod to plug into the band’s sound system, he’ll be happy to coordinate the handoff and return of your iPod.

What is your favorite band?
The band that makes your party the one your guests rave about.