Dale Watson

A staunch adherent of old-style honky tonk and Bakersfield country, Dale Watson is one of Austin’s hardest working country singers.  With over 200 dates a year on his calendar and over 20 CD releases since 1995 including his latest release, Rancho Azul, Dale is constantly in motion entertaining crowd after crowd.  Whether he is performing on the David Letterman Show or Austin City Limits, at the Grand Ole Opry or anywhere else in the world, Dale is an exciting performer that draws his crowd in with a tight band (The Lone Stars), witty songs, and heart-felt stage banter.

Quick Quick Slow Slow

I Lie When I Drink

My Baby Makes Me Gravy

Give Me More Kisses

Fox on the Run

We’re Gonna Get Married

Way Down Texas Way

Nashville Rash

Honky Tonkers Don’t Lie

Big Daddy

Wine, Wine, Wine

I’ve Done That Before

Her Love

I Got Caught


Cheatin’ Heart Attack

Truck Stop in La Grange

She Needs Her Mama

Hollywood Hillbilly

A Real Country Song

She Don’t Care

I Needed You

Turn Off the Jukebox

Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint

Tell ‘em I Ain’t Here

Way Down Texas Way

Drag N Fly

Hey Driver

I Think of You

That’s What I Like About Texas

Ain’t That Livin’

Hair of the Dog

Poor Baby

Holes in the Wall

California Wine

I Make it Right

George O’Dwyer

Whiskey or God

Her Love

Ain’t a Cow in Texas

I Walk the Line


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