Zydeco Dots

The Zydeco Dots, more commonly referred to just as The Dots, originated in 1987.    Back then Zydeco music itself was advancing in popularity and The Dots were about to do their part. Although Zydeco music was born in southern Louisiana the music had been played in the gulf coast region from the Florida panhandle to south Texas since the early 1900’s. Clifton Chenier (The King of Zydeco) gave the music its name and brought Zydeco to a new level. In Houston, Texas, during the mid 80’s, the music was still relatively obscure. The Zydeco Dots have won numerous awards and have been voted best Zydeco band by the Houston Press. The Dots have backed up many accordion players over the years including such notables as C J Chenier, Pierre Blanchard, Leon Sam, Pierre Stout, Wilfred Chavis, Lil Jabo, Ted Pacholik, Paul Richard, Lil Willie Davis, Lonnie Mitchell, Wilbert Thibideaux, and Promising new-comer Lil Pop’s.

Don’t Mess with My Toot-Toot

Boudin Man

Hot Tamale Baby

I Got Loaded

Zydeco Boogaloo

Gimme Cornbread

No Good Woman

Leona Had A Party

Uncle Bud

Baby Let Me Ride that Donkey


Bon Ton Roulet

Watch That Dog

You Used to Call Me

Ti Black, Won’t You Take Me Back

Mardi Gras Song

That Dog Gonna Bite

Joli Blon

Mustang Sally

Johnny B. Goode


Harlem Shuffle

Tighten Up


Big Butt Women

I’m Comin’ Home

Sittin on my YaYa

Called You On The Phone

Goin Back to Big Mamou

Richard Club

Don’t Like My Peach

Ti Na Na

Your Momma Don’t Know

Bad Bad Woman

Get on Boy

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