Polish Pete’s Polka Band

Houston’s most exciting POLKA band, Polish Pete and The Polka? I Hardly Know Her Band, started delighting audiences on Ground Hogs Day in 2012!

In 2017, Polish Pete’s Polka propelled the Houston Astros to their first World Series Championship and was invited to perform in the World Championship Parade in front of one million Altuve Polka loving fans!

After multiples appearances at SXSW and the best parties anywhere, Polish Pete, combined his love of Houston, The Astros, Jose Altuve, baseball, and beer halls, to write his newest smash hit, THE ALTUVE POLKA, to honor one of Houston’s biggest heros!

Be sure to check out the follow up smash hit, I LOVE THOSE HOUSTON ASTROS!

Polish Pete and The Polka? I Hardly Know Her Band are available for public and private parties, festivals, beer hall appearances in Houston, Texas and beyond!

The Altuve Polka

In Heaven There Is No Beer

Lichtensteiner Polka

Houston Oilers Fight Song

We Left Our Wives At Home

The Acapulco Polka

Lili Marlene

No Beer Today

Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

Tiny Bubbles

Just Because

Too Fat Polka

Hokey Pokey Polka

Pennsylvania Polka


Liechtensteiner Polka

You Are My Sunshine

Tiny Bubbles

Who Put The Orange in the Tuba?

Beer Barrel Polka