Leroy Thomas

Leroy’s first instrument, mastered at the age of 8, was a drum kit made up of five-gallon buckets and tree branches.  He traded up to the accordion and never looked back, joining his father’s band at the age of 19, then starting out his own band, The Zydeco Roadrunners.  He’s released 8 albums in the past 9 years, earning rave reviews from publications like Time Magazine and The New York Times.   Leroy has toured the world, earning fans in faraway places like France, Holland, Maine, and Washington State, but from note once he hits the stage, you can tell that Cajun country is in his blood and the Zydeco is in his heart


Leroy’s band is the genuine article for some of the best accordion playing in the country!
Come out and see the master musician…a Jewel of the Bayou!

Monkey and the Baboon
Ca Fait du Mal
I Don’t Work No More
Zydeco Cha Cha
Honey, It’s You
Man in the Barn
Thomas Boyz Boogie
French Waltz
Baby, I’m Hungry
Don’t Ya Cry No More Beau
If You Love Leroy
Mom M’A Dit Pas Voler
Let Me Take You Home
Taxi Take Me to the Trail Ride
I’m A Hog for You Baby
Judgement Day
I’m a Bad Sucka for Ya
Big Foot
I’m the Zydeco Man
Hey Tee Fe
Leroy is in Town
Where Did You Go Last Night
Early One Sunday Morning
Texas Two Step
Bad By Myself

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